Creating confidence in girls and
women one dress at a time

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Join Ashlyn So to a journey of FASHION and ACTIVISM.

It all started the day Ashlyn came back from her sewing camp at 6 years old. She was obsessed! She loves designing then draping, pinning and sewing. She has always wanted to dress like her mom and be with her mom every minute of the day. So she started sewing her way to every girl’s fantasy while her mom sets out to learn a whole new industry.

Ashlyn also loves to help others. She can’t help but empathize with those less fortunate around her. She wants to use her gift of design to benefit those in need. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashlyn started making masks for frontline workers. She couldn’t believe hearing about the PPE shortages and she wants to protect the heroes who are keeping us safe and healthy. She was then named People’s Hero by E! People’s Choice award at the end of 2020. She had since made 1000 masks.

At the beginning of 2021 still in the midst of the pandemic, she saw news of Asian elders being bullied, hurt and murdered. She collected all her strength and energy to start not one but 2 rallies to #standforasians and Stop AAPI Hate. Noticing the factions between the black and asian communities, she set up another rally to #uniteinlove and create solidarity amongst the groups. She had since spoken at numerous rallies, conferences, news, as well as TV specials to raise awareness and created a petition to include AAPI history into the school curriculum.

Ashlyn has been named 21 under 21 by PopSugar Unstoppable Young Women Manifesting a Brighter Future, Voice of Change from Seventeen, and another article on Teen Vogue.

Ashlyn has shown her collections at 3 fashion shows and the upcoming fourth one during New York Fashion Week in September 2021 where she will be combing Fashion with Activism.

We want to share our journey with you! We hope that on the way, you will help Ashlyn in her journey!

Who We Are

Ashlyn So

She is now 12 and has been draping her own clothes ever since she discovered sewing at the age of 6! She has been picking out her own outfits since she was 15 months old. Her mom finally gave up on what she is going to wear by the time she is 18 months old. She also loves to oil painting, Chinese brush painting, calligraphy and she is constantly illustrating her fashion illustrations. She plays Zither and ice-skates. Her recent obsession is skateboarding. Plus she is just like any other little girls who are obsessed with hearts! Her out of ordinary creativity will inspire and surprise you.

Angela Wu

She is the Mom, bearer of the design genes, and Momager. Angela is an architect and door opener for Ashlyn. Besides designing tall buildings all over the world, mom designs furniture, posters, invitations, and just about anything that is design-related!
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