Ashlyn So 13-year-old Fashion Designer & Accidental Activist​

Ashlyn So 13-year-old Fashion Designer & Accidental Activist​

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    12-year-old fashion prodigy sewing masks for first responders, see them at the 2020 People’s Choice Awards. Demi Lovato’s response was priceless!

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Please help us to make masks for our Frontline Heroes.

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NYFW 2021 – Beneath the Surface

The futuristic designs of pin2gether by 12 year old, Ashlyn So, who wowed the crowds with her ingenuity, proved to all that the future of fashion is not just bright, it is “BRILLIANT”.
— Fashion Weekly Online
The youngest Asian-American designer to exhibit at NYFW, So turns heads with chic styles for women and tween girls.
— Earnshaw's
The ambitious eleven-year-old is motivated to start a reaction that can assist the people in need.
— Gianna Simonelli, Kidfash Magazine

Now You Can Own A Piece Of The Vision

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Fashion is a piece of FUNCTIONAL ART

The world through Ashlyn’s eyes since she was 6 years old…

“My advice to aspiring designers is to never give up and know that you can make a difference, don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Being scared is just another reason to try harder. When you find what you love doing, don’t hide it, continue to do it and never stop.” ~ Ashlyn So


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NYFW 2020 – Media Coverage

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